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Other courses

These courses are run on demand, depending on interest. Please contact Terri for more information.

Mongolian Koyashai Massage TM

In Mongolia, as in many other Asian countries, massage has always been an important part of family life. Mongolian children are taught massage at an early age and take an active part in sharing this with other family members.

Mongolian Koyashai Massage is a treatment of two areas of the body– the feet and the eyes/upper face. It is performed with the client lying fully clothed on a treatment table, but can be adapted for use on a Lefuma Reflexology recliner. Literally translated, Koyashai means ‘Sun and Moon’ and although it forms part of a Mongolian full body massage, each component can be practised separately.

Influences are drawn from Mongolian Ayurveda, and also from a much older, shamanic religion. The treatment is slow and meditative and goes very well with Tibetan Acupressure Head Massage.

About the course

The one-day course is open to all and it is not necessary to have previous therapy experience. The therapy is safe and gentle, but very, very effective.

The course will teach you the basics of the therapy and how to perform it safely and professionally and the syllabus includes

  • History and principles of Mongolian Ayurveda
  • Principles and philosophy of Mongolian Massage and Acupressure
  • Principles and philosophy of Tengriism
  • Using oils
  • Contraindications and cautions
  • Infectious/non-infectious conditions
  • Legal and ethical issues

Accredited/recognised by the - IPTI, FHT, Holistic Insurers, Professional Beauty (Subject to previous qualifications)


Please note that Mongolian Koyashai Massage is a trademark of Terri McLean and Gaye Sturrock. All aspects of this treatment, routine, methods and techniques are Copyright. The course and treatment is original. Only therapists who have done this course are entiled to call themselves Mongolian Koyashai Massage Practitioners


Mongolian Hot Milk Massage

This is a deeply relaxing massage that has been carried out in Mongolia for hundreds of years and consists of four distinct stages. A full treatment will take 45 minutes.

Traditionally, the treatment would have been performed just on the back. Experienced massage therapists can also use the techniques on the arms, legs, abdomen and midriff.

There are two reasons to why hot milk is used in Mongolia as a massage medium.

Firstly as an Ayurvedic treatment to balance the three energies of the body and secondly, as a beauty ritual to prepare brides for marriage or after childbirth.

Benefits of Mongolian Hot milk Massage

  • Increases circulation
    • Increases lymphatic drainage and the removal of waste products
    • Effects the superficial nervous system
    • Has a beneficial effect physiologically
    • Nourishes, softens and moisturises the skin

About the course

This professional level one-day course is open to all and it is not necessary to have previous therapy experience. The therapy is safe and gentle, but very, very effective.

The course will teach you the basics of the therapy and how to perform it safely and professionally.

Recognise/accredited  by the FHT and IPTI for insurance and CPD points

This is a Mongolian family massage and the course is taught with the kind permission of Magi Mukuaghii

Korean Hand Massage

Korean Hand Massage is a very, very simple and easy to learn therapy. This is a short certificated course that is usually added as an 'added bonus' to other courses.

The philosophy behind Korean Hand Massage is that, like hand reflexology, specific areas and points on your hands correspond to specific areas and organs of your body. If you have a pain or problem somewhere in your body, you can find a corresponding tender point in your hand. As you massage that point, a soothing message will be sent to the corresponding area.

.In Korean Hand Massage, every joint in the hand represents a joint in the body and the therapy is an expecially good treatment for muscular-skeletal problems. Clients can be taught to continue the treatment at home.

Benefits of Korean Hand Massage

  • Simple and easy to use
  • An alternative to hand reflexology
  • Client’s can be taught to self-treat.
  • Helps to prevent conditions such as RSI
  • Reduces stiffness and increases flexibility
  • Improves skin condition of the hand
  • Holistic- balances the energies within the body and supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
  • Flexible – giving the therapist more commercial scope

Suitable for beginners or experienced therapists.